STAFF of the Center Of Science and Technology

Meet our staff

COSAT is committed to providing a working environment in which all staff members have the opportunity to perform at their best and reach their full potential. In this way, we are in a good position to nurture a culture of commitment and high performance.
It takes a professional team to bring COSAT’s mission and vision to life live dealer 21 on a day to day basis. Without the dedication, determination, and cooperation of each individual in each department, COSAT would not be able to offer so much to its students.

Mrs P. Cooper [Principal]
Subject(s): AP Maths [Grade 11 and 12]

Mr T. Motaung [Deputy Principal]
Subject(s): Information Technology [Grade 11]
                  Life Orientation [Grade 9 - 11]
                  Social Sciences [Grade 8]

Mrs E. van Schoor [H.O.D]
Subject(s): Life Sciences [Grade 11 and 12]

Ms L. Basini
Subject(s): Natural Sciences [Grade 8 and 9]
                  Technology [Grade 8 and 9]
                  Life Sciences [Grade 10]

Mr Tsika
Subject(s): IsiXhosa [Grade 8 and 9]

Mr G. Jenneker
Subject(s): Life Sciences[Grade 10 and 11]

Ms AT Nqabeni
Subject(s): Life Orientation [Grade 8 and 9]
                  History [Grade 8 and 9]

Ms Schroeder
Subject(s): English [Grade 10, 11 and 12]

Mrs N. Dywili
Subject(s): isiXhosa [Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12]

Ms N. Booi
Subject(s): isiXhosa [Grade 10, 11 and 12]

Mr G. Mkhwanazi
Subject(s): EMS [Grade 8 and 9]
                  Mathematics [Grade 8 and 10]

Mr D. Sizani
Subject(s): Mathematics [Grade 9]
                  Physical Science [Grade 10]

Mr B. Magqazana
Subject(s): Mathematics [Grade 10]

Ms N. Ligwa
Subject(s): English [Grade 8,10 and 11]

Mr W. Shonhiwa
Subject(s): Mathematics [Grade 10 and 12]

Ms H. Verster
Subject(s): Information Technology [Grade 10, 11 and 12]

Ms N. Matsolo
Subject(s): AP Maths [Grade 10 and 11]
                  Maths [Grade 8]
                  Natural Sciences [Grade 9]

Mr M. Makumbe
Subject(s): Natural Science [Grade 8]
                  Information Technology [Grade 10 and 12]

Ms D. Borman
Subject(s): Dance [Grade 8 and 9]

Ms Steyn
Subject(s): English [Grade 8 and 9]

Ms P. Snijman
Subject(s): Physical Science [Grade 11 and 12]

Ms N. Tafeni
Subject(s): Librarian

Ms A. Njoli
Subject(s): English Enrichment [Grade 8 and 9] & Librarian

Mr Tafeni
Subject(s): Robotics [Grade 8 and 9]

Non-Teaching Staff

Miss P. Citashe
Title: Secretary

Mr B. Siyalana
Title: Admin Assistant

Ms Tembi Mzozoyana
COSAT Social worker and Wellness Centre Coordinator

Mr D. Gwenxane

Mr Marala

Mr Ndamane

Kitchen staff