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Air Lifter

【Introduction】: A slurry transporting equipment by compressed air

【Lifting Head】:3-5m

【Improvement】:No moving part

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Scientific and reasonable design, decrease the damage to carbon.
High efficiency, the time of lifting carbon is 0.5~1 hours.
Small volume, it is convenient to install on leaching agitation tank or adsorption tank; convenient operation and maintenance.

Successful case

n Zimbabwe's 100 pd rock gold mine project, as the supporting facilities of leaching tank, Xinhai air lifter improved the extracting carbon effect when leaching tank, effectively preventing the activated carbon to move along the direction of pulp; carbon screen makes an isolation effect on pulp flow in the leaching tank and activated carbon adsorption of gold, preventing the mixing of activated carbon and pulp.

Technical Parameters
Model Model Carbon adsorption pipe specification Air pipe specification Application range
KT60 Φ50×2.5 DN20 SJ2.0×2.5,SJ2.5×2.5,SJ2.5×3.15,SJ3×3.15,SJ3×3.5,SJ3.15×3.55
KT100 Φ108×4 DN25 SJ3.55×4,SJ4×4.5,SJ4.5×5,SJ5×5.6,SJ5.5×6,SJ7.5×8,SJ8×8.5
KT125 Φ133×4 DN32 SJ8.5×9 ,SJ9×9.5,SJ10.5×11
KT150 Φ159×4 DN40 SJ12×13

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