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Pendulum Feeder

【Introduction】:A feeder with periodic reciprocating motion for fine particles

【 Capacity 】:4.5~25t/h

【Improvement】:Worm gear reducer, compact structure, reliable sealing device

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Pendulum feeder is installed under the storage tank or hopper to convey the materials with particle size less than 50mm and the materials that are dry and not easy to agglomerate such as ore stones, coal blocks etc. It is not suitable to convey powder which is easy to block feeding, and makes powder fly

Successful case

A tungsten processing plant in Tanzania need a feeding device used for ball mill, because the ore particle size is fine, Xinhai technicians recommended pendulum feeder. The vibration is smooth in the application with reliable running, the length of swing base plate can be changed, which can adjust feeding quantity on a wide range, the height of discharging flashboard also achieves the more precise adjustment of discharging granularity, the finished product quality is improved after grinding.

Technical Parameters
Model Inlet
Stroke of Eccentric Wheel (mm) Frequency
Max. Feed Size (mm) Feed
Rotating Speed of Motor (r/min) Weight
BG250X250 250X250 250 X (30~125) 0~90 46 25 4.5 Y80L-4 0.55 1390 130
BG300X300 300 X300 300 X (30~125) 46 30 6.5 Y802-4 0.75 1390 272
BG400X400 400 X400 400 X (50~130) 0~170 45.5 35 12 Y90S-4 1.1 1410 558
BG600X600 600 X600 600 X (50~150) 0 ~157 48 50 40 ~80 Y100L-4 1.5 940 613

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