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Cyclone Unit

【Introduction】: A cyclone unit design with high efficiency

【 Capacity 】:≤2500m3/h

【Improvement】:Each feeding inlet of Xinhai cyclone unit is installed knife gate valve independently developed by Xinhai. This valve with small dimension reduces the diameter of cyclone unit.

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Cyclone lined with wear – resistant rubber, prolong the service life Stable operation and high separation efficiency

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How a Hydrocyclone is assembled from parts to product?

Successful case

In a gold processing plant in Yunnan, the client found although the classification efficiency is higher pre-separation process, the classification effect is poorer, the factory area is limited, and the cost is also high. After discuss and select again and again, the customer selected Xinhai hydraulic cyclone group finally, the production is down, but it also completely meet customer needs. Xinhai hydraulic cyclone group adopts good material with small wear, at the same time, each feeding inlet are installed seamless valve developed by Xinhai, the valve operates reliably with small resistance, at the same time, the valve space size is very small, which reduces the diameter of hydraulic cyclone group. Ultimately, it ensures standard production and cost control.

Technical Parameters
Specific gravity correction parameter
Specific gravity Coefficient
1.5 1.86
2.0 1.315
2.5 1.07
2.65 1.02
3.0 0.93
3.5 0.83
4.0 0.76
4.5 0.70
5.0 0.66
6.0 0.59
7.0 0.54
The specific gravity of solids is not 2.73, for example: iron ore accounted for 4.5 multiplies D100 values shown on selection chart by 0.70

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