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Chute Feeder

【Introduction】:A periodic and reciprocating feeding machine for large bulk materials

【 Capacity 】:10~90t/h

【Improvement】:According to user requirements, the motor can be changed to the speed adjustment motor to adjust the feeding volume.

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Simple structure, even feeding, good continues performance.
Change and control flow and feeding volume at any time.
Stable transmission, high efficiency.
Compact structure, reasonable design.
Excellent quality, wide application.

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Successful case

A lead and zinc processing plant in Shanxi contacted with Xinhai , dealing with its crushing and screening process. A feeding device that feed ore to jaw crusher is needed before crushing, the pending ore particle size is about 350 mm, so the client chose Xinhai chute feeder. The device is lifting in discharge outlet of the ore bin, and can also set up on the floor according to the equipment requirements. In practice, the flush times of groove bottom reaches 60 times/min, the stroke reaches 200 mm, the feeding is uniform, and adjustable-speed motor provides conveniences to adjust the quantity of ore reserve.

Technical Parameters
Model Outlet Dimension (W X H) (mm) Max. Feed Size (mm) Feed Capacity (t/h) Motor Model Motor Power
CG300X300 300X300 50 10~20 Y90L- 4 1. 5 265
CG400X400 400 X400 100 10~30 YCT160-4A 2. 2 640
CG600X500 600 X500 200 10~50 Y112M- 4 4 1045
CG700X500 700 X500 200 10~60 1100
CG1240X980 1240X980 350 36~90 Y160M- 6 7. 5 1710

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